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Why Deadlifts Are Important;12 Deadlifting Benefits


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This article on Why Deadlifts Are Important was inspired through my own observations within the gym

A lot of gym goers and potential muscle builders shirk from the deadlift, along with several other compound lifts, and for no good reason apart from it looks like hard work.

And the truth is – the deadlift is hard work.

However, the benefits of deadlifting far exceed the benefits of many of the other exercises you see lots of individuals slogging away at.

So…Why Deadlifts Are Important:


The Back Squat; Why and How + Bonus Tips


The Back Squat – Why Do It? 

  • The Back Squat is a compound movement that recruits almost every muscle in the body – when performed correctly.
  • This exercise targets the quadriceps, which make up the largest muscle group of the human body.
  • Of all exercises, the Back Squat induces the body to release more ‘Testosterone’ as well as the much sought after IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor 1).
  • Testosterone and IGF-1 are the two primary hormones which create an anabolic effect in the body, promoting overall Strength and Muscle Growth.
  • Compound lifts, like the Back Squat, promote the most over-all muscle gains.
  • Lift Big = Get Strong = Get Big


Big Muscle Gains; 5 Tips To Supercharge Your Growth

HGH Equals Quality Muscle Gains

So…you go to the gym, you do your time; you grow bigger muscles – right?

Initially, this is probably the case.

Then things seem to slow down and your efforts appear almost in vain.  What’s going on?

Read on my friend – in this article ‘Big Muscle Gains; 5 Tips To Supercharge Your Growth’ I give you the most overlooked factors in making continued progress and how to correct them.   (more…)

How to Improve on Bench Press; Five Lifts for Incredible Strength

Super Bench Pic

This is where we really get into some exciting stuff, for along with how to improve on bench press, the following workout and tips are geared for giving you continual and measurable gains in overall size and strength.

You can not have one without the other.

If you want to build mass, you must get strong.  The stronger you are the heavier you can lift and the more muscle mass you build.

Get strong to get big, period!   (more…)