Power Up Breakfast;Superfood Mix + Protein Shake


As you know guys and girls, breakfast is a super important meal and not to be overlooked.  If you want the most out of your muscle building efforts, then a power up breakfast should be a natural start to each day – especially so on workout days.

As you will see with the following recipe, a power up breakfast does not need to take you a lot of time to prepare – however, will make a huge difference to your results in and out of the gym. 


Superfood Breakfast Mix

Protein 19.9g, Carbs 41.2g, Fats 25g, Calories 553


Liquid Whey 50g
Natural Greek Yogurt 150g
Raw Oats 50g
Chia Seeds 15g
Honey – Raw Organic 10g
Ground Cinnamon 1/4 tsp
Organic Cacao Powder 10g

Mix all ingredients in a bowl until a thick, smooth consistency – enjoy!

Super Simple Protein Shake

Protein 20g, Carbs 1.6g, Fats 10.3g, Calories 170


Egg White 63g
Whole Eggs – 700g x 2

Put into shaker and shake until blended – yum :-)


Protein 39.9g, Carbs 42.8g, Fats 35.3g, Calories 723


  • Liquid Whey

    – for simple liquid whey, when you first open your new tub of yogurt scoop a hollow in the middle. This will fill with liquid whey by next morning.  After pouring out required amount, keep taking your yogurt from the center to keep your ‘whey well’.

  • Egg White

    – Buy a carton of pure egg white from your food store. This makes it easy and you don’t have to bother with lots of separated yolks.    The carton keeps well in the fridge (I put a peg on to ensure tight seal) and following the recipe above, a 600 ml carton will give you 9 shakes.

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Give this power up breakfast recipe a try, to stoke the fire for a great workout – you will be amazed and grateful a few hours later when pounding it out in the gym.

Remember also, your pre and post workout nutrition, to ensure your muscles are primed, pumped and fed for growing.

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Got any recipe ideas you would like to share?  Please post in the comments box below.

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Train Hard, Train Well, Train Safe.

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Power Up Breakfast;Superfood Mix + Protein Shake

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