Mi40x Product Review – ‘Twice the Muscle in Half the Time’


Hi all and thanks for taking the time to have a look at my Mi40x Product Review.

Mi40x is the follow up training program to Ben Pakulski’s Mi40. 


So…Who is Benjamin Pakulski?

If you’ve been throwing the weights around for a while, then you have surely come across the name Ben Pakulski, or maybe better known as ‘BPak’.  


IFBB Pro Bodybuilder – Ben Pakulski

Ben is not only an accomplished IFBB Professional Bodybuilder and Top 5 Olympia contender; he is truly an inspiring and amazing individual.

Short Bio on BPak: 

Ben has been an avid athletic competitor since early childhood and commenced weight training in the gym around the age of fifteen.  Just three years later, at age eighteen, Ben had began imprinting his mark on the bodybuilding scene and had already gained a contract with Muscle-Tech and was training under the guidance of IFBB Pro, the late Tom Hall.

Through determination and the never ending quest to be the very best he can be, Ben has enjoyed a fulfilling career in bodybuilding and is currently a top 5 Olympia contender.

Along with his bodybuilding success, Ben is also a successful business man, sought after public speaker, mentor, coach and family man.

Ben has a University Degree in Kinesiology and Biomechanics.

What I Think of BPak:

I personally trained under the mentor-ship of Ben for 12 months, using the principles he teaches in Mi40 and Mi40x.  The training is second to none:

  • Brutal – Yes.
  • Intense – Absolutely.
  • Worth it? – A Massive Yes!!!

I have also developed a deep respect and reverence for Ben.  Not only is he a great inspiration in the areas of bodybuilding and self improvement, he is also – inadvertently – a fantastic Life Coach.

Before we look further into Mi40x, let’s have a quick overview of what all this is about.

What is Mi40? 

After 14 years of professional bodybuilding, along with tons of personal research and associations with some of the world’s best doctors, therapists and performance coaches, Ben decided to put together a Training Program encompassing all of the most effective methods, and shortcuts, to building more quality lean muscle in less time.

He named the completed training program Mi40.

What Does Mi40 Mean? 

The name Mi40 simply stands for ‘Mass Intentions 40’.

Some people get confused and interpret the title as M140, however the true relevance of the name is:

  • Intentions – A trademark development of Ben Pakulski.  Through ‘Intentions’ Ben teaches you how to ‘Feel’ the muscle you are working in a totally different way for a totally different result.
  • ‘40’ – Ben teaches the almost magical power of the number forty when used in every variable of this muscle building regime.
  • NOS – N.O.S (Neurological Overload Sets) is another trademark development of Ben Pakulski and possibly one of the most important additions to your future in muscle building!

Ben Pakulskis Mi40 quickly became one of the most sought after and successful bodybuilding training programs available.


 The extraordinary success of the product is related to several factors, not the least of which are that the man behind it is not pushing BS and the method of training WORKS with Amazing Results.


My Mi40x Product Review: 

Hey, all you guys and gals who have experienced Mi40 and the awesome results it produces would be just leaping right into Mi40x without question.

Therefore, this Mi40x Product Review is more specifically written for those who, for whatever reason, have not yet utilised the world’s number one training program.

What is Mi40–Xtreme? 

Okay, Ben Pakulski has done it again!

Yep, he has developed a patented cutting edge technique which will add pounds of lean muscle to your frame each and every week.  That’s right…every week!  mi40x

With just four minutes, tagged onto specific exercise sets within your workout, you will:

  • Spend half the time in the gym and much more time resting
  • Gain more muscle while shedding unwanted body fat – at the same time.
  • Automatically burn body fat while you train
  • Use body fat as Muscle Fuel

And…it WORKS FAST200% faster than traditional methods of building muscle!


What is the Mi40x Secret? 

Ben has named his secret muscle building technique CEP.

  • C.E.P – Cell Expansion Protocol

The C.E.P. method works by expanding EVERY cell in your muscle without tearing down the muscle fibers.

The C.E.P training method takes just 4 minutes per exercise.


BPak – IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
Creator of Mi40/Mi40x

If you have already trained using BPaks NOS method, get ready to cry ‘cause this takes NOS to a Whole New Level!  

Mi40x will give you: 

  • Faster Workouts
  • Faster Recovery
  • Faster Muscle Growth

And, I should mention, Insane Pumps!!!

Who Can Use Mi40x? 

Okay, good news here – just about anyone, from Amateur Gym- Goer to Professional Bodybuilder can benefit greatly from these breakthrough training techniques.

What about Females?

More good news – the Mi40 and Mi40x training programs are not gender specific.

Therefore, you girls who want to lose body-fat, tone-up, increase strength and definition and create the body of your dreams and one that others envy…this program is for you too!


Click Image for Direct Access to Mi40x


What You Get With Mi40x 


  • CEP Practical Application Guide - Not only will you want to KNOW the secrets, you’ll want to know HOW to apply them so you can start TRANSFORMING your body NOW! Not tomorrow, TODAY!
  • Nutrition Guide - The cutting-edge principles laid out here will provide the building blocks for your INSANE transformation… Good results start with good nutrition… AMAZING results start with CEP-style Nutrition!
  • Supplement Guide - This guide not only tells you THE best supplements, it tells you WHEN to take them in a WHOLE RANGE of different situations….
  • FAQ Guide - A Guide you can quickly reference at any time, so you can spend more time DOING and less time sitting around trying to figure it out.
  • Workout Sheets - The most intelligent muscle-building workouts EVER designed, ready to print and take with you to the gym.  These are the workouts you NEED to surpass anything you’ve EVER done in the gym, and cause GROWTH that transforms your body in 6 short weeks! Time to kill it!
  • 7 Day Primer Phase - This guide is a learning curve for many, but an ideal primer for ALL!
  • 7 Day Detox Diet - This guide not only tells you what to eat and when to eat… but the diet is specifically designed to prepare your body to MAXIMALLY use EVERY oz of nutrition and supplementation you give it during MI40-X!
  • The Exercise Guide - Every body part, every exercise, every freakin’ detail spelled out for you so there’s absolutely zero guesswork on your part.
  • The CEP Training Blueprint - Inside, you’ll discover the methods of training you absolutely MUST AVOID if you want to actually LOOK like you lift.

 Bonuses -

  •  Mi40x C.E.P. Rapid Start Action Plan – 5 minute Fast Start video
  •  Private Access – Mi40x C.E.P. Training video Library
  •  C.E.P. Training DVD’s – for each individual muscle


Fast Action Bonuses…


  • 90 minute group session call with Ben!
  • Hardcore Abs – Specialized training for a cut up mid-section


Pro’s of Mi40x:

  • Follow up to an already proven, world wide number one, training program.
  • Developed by Ben Pakulski; IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and Top 5 Olympia Contender.
  • As per Ben’s custom, the Mi40x program over-delivers with awesome Bonuses and on-going support.
  • Backed by BPaks irrefutable Triple ‘Money Back’ Guarantee!
  • Cost – just $197

Con’s of Mi40x:

  • Workouts are Super Intense – definitely not for those who expect something for nothing. (In reality, I do not actually consider this a con.  However, for the sake of those individuals who think that performing a few ‘traditional’ working sets are going to make their Biceps ‘pop’, well…)
  • No Other Con’s!!!

Want to see a free video presentation  where BPak explains the science behind C.E.P?   

CLICK HERE to see a video of Ben Pakulski, in the gym, getting a massive bicep pump while demonstrating the Mi40x C.E.P. training method.


  • Mi40x is the follow-up program to the number one muscle building program in the world, Mi40.
  • Mi40x takes the science of Gaining Lean Muscle, while simultaneously Shedding Body-Fat, to a whole new level.
  • Ben Pakulski over-delivers with great Bonuses and ongoing Support.
  • Mi40x is backed by BPak’s irrefutable Triple ‘Money Back’ Guarantee.
  • This program is suitable for people at all levels of training from amateur to Pro.
  • Instant Access – no waiting, no additional costs for shipping.  Mi40x is a completely downloadable series of e-manuals, digital videos and audio files.
  • Suitable for males and females.

My Rating:

Without doubt, I give Mi40x the highest rating.

Five Stars –






Click Image for Direct Access to Mi40x


If you have any questions or relevant information you would like to share, please post in the comment box below or send me a message at info@bodybuildingformass.com

Also, when you experience for yourself the inevitable results from using the Mi40x training program, please come back and share your experience, I would love to hear from you.

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Train Hard, train Well, Train Safe –







– Rich Far

Founder of http://bodybuildingformass.com

Contact: info@bodybuildingformass.com


Thank you for reading:

Mi40x Product Review – ‘Twice the Muscle in Half the Time’

Comments (16)

  1. Dirk

    A good workout roitune is a good start if your looking for muscle mass you need to lift heavier and at lower reps ..example 3 sets of 6 reps and the 6th rep on all sets should close to failure meaning you have a hard time doing it change your roitunes about every 3 mths so that your muscles don’t get use to the roitune ..muscle confusion is what makes the muscles grow ..you also need good supplements like creatine (monohydrate creatine has the best track record) drink lots of water with creatine .also a good whey Isolate protein

    1. Rich Far

      Hi Dirk,

      Thank you reading and taking the time to comment.
      You may be interested to check out these posts:
      How to Improve on Bench Press; Five Lifts for Incredible Strength
      Best Mass Gaining Supplements; Get These to Get Huge

      Train hard, Train Well, Train Safe –

      – Rich

  2. Rick

    Hi Rich. In the past I’ve looked at other muscle building programs but decided they were to intense or to time consuming. I like what you had to say in your write-up and will give the MI40x program a second look.

    1. Rich Far

      Thank you Rick.

      Mi40 title=”MI40 – BPak” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”> and Mi40x are intense. However, you will achieve so much more for the time and intensity you put in when following this program.

      Best Wishes Rick,

      Train Hard, Train Well, Train Safe –

      – Rich

  3. Josh

    I like that you cover EVERYTHING there is to know about this product. Getting to work with Bpak personally must have been an awesome experience.

    Were you always as passionate about body building as you are now or did the training and encouragement from Bpak and his Mi40X program drive that passion to another level?

    1. Rich Far

      Hi Josh,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my Mi40x Product Review and yes, I have had a passion for bodybuilding for quite a long time.
      Certainly working under the mentor-ship of someone as prolific as BPak goes a long way in boosting inspiration and driving you to way new levels!

      If you are interested, Ben Pakulski also does boot camps where you can train with him on a individual and group level for four days or so. He travels, with the boot-camp, to several different countries.

      This way, one can experience the mi40 and mi40x program training methods from the man himself – how awesome is that!

      Again, thanks Josh and best wishes –

      – Rich

  4. Peter

    Hey Rich,
    Thanks for this informative review about mi40x!
    It has everything we should know about this product.
    Keep up the great work.
    -Best wishes!

    1. admin

      Thanks Peter – I enjoyed writing this review as it is a product I am passionate about and I have a great deal of respect and faith in the creator of mi40x, Ben Pakulski.

      wishing you well in Health and Fitness,

      – Rich

  5. Mark

    I’m pumped. Thanks for the motivation

    1. admin

      Hi Mark,

      Thank you for reading my review on Mi40x and I am happy it gave you motivation.
      If you require further information, on anything relative to muscle-building, I am happy to help.

      Train Well,

      – Rich

  6. Daniel

    This seems like an amazing system and BPak sounds like an excellent mentor.

    1. admin

      Hi Daniel,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Yes, Mi40 and Mi40x are certainly amazing training systems and BPak is All That!

      I wish you well Daniel – if you seek help in any area relative to this site, let me know.

      – Rich

  7. laura

    Oh dear,
    I had no idea our muscle can look like that! I mean, I know I’m a girl and it’s in our genes to be impressed with guys that look strong and protective, but come on… his shoulder looks bigger than his head!

    It’s not easy to obtain that, I’m sure. It’s a lot of determination and good motivation involved. My question to you: is it healthy? The fact that we are pushing the body’s limits doesn’t overwhelm our organs?


    1. admin

      Hi Laura,

      First – thank you for taking the time to read my Mi40x review.

      Second – Yeah…I agree with you, Ben Pakulski is quite an awesome figure to behold!!!

      Sure, it certainly is not easy to obtain that degree of muscle and indeed does require a ton of determination and motivation. Regarding your question concerning health – which is a very good and important question – the correct path to building quality muscle incorporates an overall healthy lifestyle of exercise, nutrition and rest.

      Many, many individuals have pushed the body’s ‘limits’ and enjoyed a great quality of life. In fact, any Olympic athlete, triathlete, gymnasts and people involved in many other fields, have pushed their limits.

      A lot of professional Bodybuilder’s have lived, healthily, well into their 80’s plus.

      Ben Pakulski actually discusses living a quality lifestyle, of health and balance, in depth within the programs.

      I hope this helps, Laura, and again – thank you for your interest.

      If you wish to add further comment or would like any further information, please do so or contact me info@bodybuildingformass.com

      To Your Health,

      – Rich

  8. Rohan

    Great review… Never heard of mi40x before so will definitely look more into it. I think I am too “newbie” to start on this program for the time being though.. lol

    1. admin

      Hi Rohan,

      I am pleased you like my Mi40x review.

      Thank you for the comment and I wish you well with your endeavors.
      If you wish for any help going forward, just let me know.

      Blessings Be,

      – Rich


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