Mass Building Leg Workout

Mass Building Leg Workout

If You’ve Been Looking For A Way To Bulk Up Your Quadriceps, Thicken Your Hamstrings And Meat Up Your Calves – Then You Have Found The Mass Building Leg Workout You Have Been Craving.

Why should you want to pack mass on your legs?

Maybe you’re one of those individuals who, like many, have worked much more enthusiastically on developing your upper body strength and musculature, only to realize that things now appear a bit…out of shape?

Are you an athlete in another sport which you know would benefit greatly by gaining more strength and power in your legs?

In any case, this Mass Building Leg Workout will absolutely bring your legs up to meet any of those challenges.

You up for it?

Let’s go!

The Exercises –

Barbell Back Squat

Now…you knew this one would have to make an appearance – and with very good reason.

First – the barbell back squat is the touted ‘King’ of weight lifting exercises.  No other lift will increase your overall leg mass and strength like the Squat.

Second – the back squat, when performed correctly, promotes the most release of Human Growth Hormone.

Third – being an ultimate compound exercise, the back squat inadvertently works most major and minor muscle groups in your entire body.

So…why wouldn’t you want this one in your workout?

Mass Building Leg Workout Barbell Back Squat Top

Mass Building Leg Workout Barbell Back Squat Bottom







For a more in depth look at the Barbell Back Squat, check out this article:

Click Here=>The Back Squat; Why And How + Bonus Tips 

45 Degree Leg Press

The leg press is included here as an overall mass builder for the legs.

The great thing about the 45 degree leg press is you can go Super Heavy whilst not endangering your back.

45 Degree Leg Press Tips:

  • Make sure to adjust the seat/angle and set the safety pins to your individual level before adding weight plates
  • If you are unfamiliar with using this machine then do some full range reps with no additional weight to get the feel of things
  • After unlocking the pins, push the weight up til your knees are only slightly bent – do not go to full lockout
  • Bring the weight down steadily til your upper legs are as close to your body as possible. If you choose a wide foot placement, widen your knees a bit as you come down to bring them to the sides of your torso
  • ‘Explode’ the weight back to starting position (near lockout)
  • Continue for reps

Foot Positioning For Leg Press:

There has been considerable debate over leg stance and foot placement, for both the squat and the leg press, as to which is most effective.  Again, this depends on your target muscle and goals.

Primarily, I like to endorse that if you just stand how you normally would and look down at your feet – that is a good starting point.  The reason being is that it’s the natural placement for you as an individual.

That said, here are some other considerations –

  • Placing your feet closer together and lower down on the foot-plate will work the outer sweep of your quads more
  • Taking a wide stance with toes pointing slightly out will add emphasis on the ‘Teardrop’ muscle just above your knee, as well as working the inner thigh muscles.
  • Feet placed high on the plate will shift a good percentage of the workload to hamstrings and glutes.
  • You can use the leg press very effectively for calves by placing your feet very low with the balls of your feet on the plate and heels off and doing a calf raise movement.

Mass Building Leg Workout 45 Degree Leg Press Bottom

Mass Building Leg Workout 45 Degree Leg Press Top









Leg Extension:

Though not considered a mass builder as per se, the leg extension can really promote growth in the quadriceps when used after the leg press – as in the format of this workout.

Leg Extension Tips –

  • Have the pad resting just above your feet, not a third way up your shins
  • Sit upright, keeping tension throughout upper body and abs tight
  • Keep your chest up and head forward
  • Raise the weight to almost lockout and squeeze the quads briefly then lower under control
  • Do not rest at the bottom – keep the motion going and muscles under constant tension.

Mass Building Leg Workout Leg Extension Bottom Position

Mass Building Leg Workout Leg Extension Top Position










Seated or Laying Leg Curls:

It is really optional whether you choose to do seated or laying curls.

I demonstrate seated in the photos because, at this stage, the gym I am attending doesn’t have a laying leg curl machine.

Make sure to squeeze your hamstrings in the contracted position then release and lower under control.

Pause in the extended position only long enough not to pressure ‘jerk’ your knees when reversing the movement.

Mass Building Leg Workout Seated Leg Curl Extended Position

Mass Building Leg Workout Seated Leg Curl Contracted Position

Standing Dumbbell Calf Raise:

Why the standing dumbbell calf raise is included is simply because this exercise promotes balance and coordination whilst isolating each calf.

This exercise is an overall calf developer, meaning it will increase the overall size of the muscle belly.

Tips For Dumbbell Calf Raises –

  • Use a single aerobic step or a couple weight plates to stand on
  • Stand on the ball of one foot, with your heel hanging over the edge, and hold a dumbbell on the same side
  • Support yourself by lightly holding onto a support with the other hand. Do not use this support for leverage when lifting.
  • Lower your heel to the floor then, using your calf muscle, raise your heel as high as possible
  • Briefly squeeze the top contraction then lower and repeat for reps

Mass Building Leg Workout Standing Dumbbell Calf Raise Bottom

Mass Building Leg Workout Standing Dumbbell Calf Raise Top









So…these are the five exercises you will be concentrating on for this Mass Building Leg Workout.

Sure, there are other exercises which contribute to adding mass along with various exercises for sculpting out shape and separation.

However, your aim here is to build overall leg mass.

Get ‘em Big and Strong and then concern yourself with additional exercises and variations.

Mass Building Leg Workout


Exercise Sets Reps Rest Between Sets
Barbell Back Squat 3 20,12, 8 3 mins
45 Degree Leg Press 2 12, 8 2 mins
Leg Extension 2 20,12 2 mins
Leg Curl 2 20, 12 2 mins
Dumbbell Calf Raise 3 20, 12, 8 60 secs(after doing both calves)



It is beneficial for you to spend 5 minutes on the bike before hitting the weights.  This stimulates the muscles and increases blood flow.

Prior to commencing your three work sets on Squats, do two warm up sets of progressively heavier weight for 6 – 8 reps.

Pick a weight that’s about half your first work set and pump out 8 reps.

Then take it to about 75% of the work set and give it another 6 reps.

Now you’re good to go – no need to warm up on any of the others, as all your leg muscles are getting stimulated as you progress through.



In case you are thinking there isn’t enough sets for a given exercise, here’s the deal –

You are gonna bust your gut on these – each set is All Out.

On your first working set of squats if you squeeze out 20 reps and there’s even an ounce of juice left in the tank – then you better keep on squeezin’ ‘cause you aint done til you’re done.

This is how you are to approach every set of every exercise.

You want those wheels to Grow, right?

Big Weight + Big Effort = Big Results

Also, keep in mind that your legs are gonna get a load of activity on Back day as well.

Make sure to follow a good Nutrition Plan

Make sure to get adequate rest

Be Ready to Marvel at Your Results – Legs That Stand You Apart as a Serious Muscle Builder.

I’d love to hear how you’re getting on, so come back and post a comment

Also, if you’d like to share your own tips, or favorite Mass Building Leg Workout exercise, then feel free to post here.

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Train Hard, Train Well, Train Safe.

Blessings Be,







Rich Far

Founder of Bodybuilding for Mass



Thank you for reading:

Mass Building Leg Workout

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