How To Get Big Triceps; Free Mass Building Workout


Since one of the key factors in building a great set of guns is packing on triceps mass, focusing on how to get big triceps should be on every muscle builders’ regime.

As with any muscle group, there are a number of exercises to target the triceps.

Along with a few exercises that bring exceptional results are the many variations, which may or may not lend themselves to supporting quality gains, and some trainers seem to include as many of these as they can.

In this article, I am concentrating only on the few that bring exceptional results.  

Close Grip Barbell Press

The Close Grip Barbell Press is to triceps what squats are to quads – a time proven mass builder.

With this exercise, you want to go heavy.

I recommend a 5 x 5 routine for these.  That way you not only pack on more mass, you will also increase your triceps strength for the additional exercises as well as for auxiliary support for other lifts.

How to Perform: Close-Grip-Benchpress

  • Lay on the bench with the same set up as for bench press.
  • Take a slightly narrower than shoulder width grip on the bar
  • Bring the bar down to mid-upper chest (between neck and nipple line)
  • Keeping elbows in, press the bar up to almost lockout
  • Make sure to focus your intent on the triceps to feel them squeeze the weight up.

Bench Dips

Unfortunately, these are not so commonly performed in gyms anymore – and for no good reason.

Bench dips are awesome for building thick solid triceps.

How to Perform: Arnold Doing Bench Dips.

  • Align two benches far enough apart so you can straighten your legs between.
  • Support your torso by placing your hands on the bench at your rear
  • Place your feet on the opposite bench and lower your body, relying on strength of triceps – elbows remain positioned behind, not flaring out to the sides.
  • Focusing on the triceps – push back up to almost lockout.
  • Add weight, when required, by placing a dumbbell or plate across upper thighs.

Parallel Bar Dips

Another amazing exercise for hitting the triceps and adding overall mass is parallel bar dips.

This one you will see being performed more often in gyms, along with its variation for chest.

How To Perform: 


Parallell Bar Dips for Triceps

  • The bars should be about shoulder width apart or slightly more
  • Grip the bars with thumbs on inside toward your body
  • You will most likely have to bend your knees crossing your legs at the ankles
  • Keep your body upright – perpendicular to the floor
  • Lower your torso under control – keeping elbows tucked behind and upper arm taking the strain
  • Lower to where your elbow forms a 90 degree bend, or slightly under, then push back up – focusing on the triceps 

When you are able to perform the required number of reps, you can add weight by wearing a weight belt – this allows you to increase the resistance over time leading to noticeable gains in strength and size.

The above exercises are the main focus for this article and the triceps mass building workout. 

However, there is another exercise you may wish to include to really blow out the last of your triceps fibers and promote extreme growth.

We’re talking s-t-r-e-t-c-h here – overhead dumbbell extension, or you may prefer the lying triceps press/skull crusher; both of equal value.

Overhead Dumbbell Triceps Extension

This is a great exercise for getting a full stretch in the triceps then pressing back up against resistance to a full contraction.

How to Perform: 


Overhead Dumbbell Extension for Triceps

  • Sit on an incline bench adjusted to full upright position.  Alternately, sitting backwards on a preacher curl bench offers a more uninhibited range of motion whilst giving required back support.
  • Raise a dumbbell overhead – both palms under top plate with thumbs around the bar, bottom plate facing down
  • Lower the dumbbell behind your neck – keeping elbows at the side of your head in line with your ears
  • Lower weight under control being careful not to hit your neck with bottom of dumbbell
  • Hold the stretch for a second then press the weight back up, flexing your triceps to almost lockout.
  • Repeat for required reps

How To Get Big Triceps; Mass Building Workout


Close Grip Bench Press Warm-up 1 x 8 (50% of working weight)1 x 6 (80% of working weight)
  5 x 5 Rest 2 minutes between sets
Bench Dips 2 x 8+ Rest 60 seconds between sets.  Add weight if reaching +8 reps
Bar Dips 2 x 8+ Rest 60 seconds between sets.  Add weight if reaching +8 reps
Overhead Dumbbell Extension Warm-up for stretch 1 x 8 (50% of working weight)Hold bottom stretch position for a few seconds each rep.
  2 x 8+ Rest 60 seconds between sets.  Add weight if reaching +8 reps




There you go.

On your next triceps day, blast ‘em with this workout and be ready to Grow.

Give this triceps mass building workout a go for at least 3 – 4 weeks, if you are not experiencing awesome results – we need to talk.


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Bonus Tips: 

  • Always complete the warm-ups
  • Take time to set up properly i.e. bench position, weight etc
  • Just prior commencing the lift, take a deep, full breath through your nose.  Hold for a couple seconds then expel through mouth.
  • Take another deep breath and lift – on the 5 x 5 I usually do 2 – 3 reps before taking another breath.
  • Flex and stretch the triceps between sets
  • Do not stop on the rep count just because it is stated as such i.e. if you are on first set of 5 x 5 and max out 7 reps – great – add a small amount of weight for next set.

If you have any questions or relevant information you would like to share, please leave a comment below.

After trying this workout, come back and post a comment – share your experience.

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Train Hard, Train Well, Train Safe.

Blessings Be,







Rich Far

Founder of Bodybuilding for Mass



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How To Get Big Triceps; Mass Building Workout

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    Best wishes.

    1. Rich Far

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