Well, this is another area where there are boundless opinions – which are all correct by the way :-) –  and just as many tried and tested guidelines and principles.

This becomes very confusing to those of us seeking optimal results, and a healthy lifestyle.

So…where do we start?

Personally, I do not favor the term ‘diet’.  Simply because I believe it sets us up for failure.  That word has become synonymous with way too many connotations and variables and there has been, and continues to be, way too many fads, quick fixes etc.

How About a Nutrition Plan?

So, with that said, I much prefer to use the term ‘Nutrition Plan’.

Therefore, throughout this site, I shall more often than not be using ‘Nutrition Plan’ in place of diet.  I hope you are okay with that.

A nutrition plan is just that, a plan for healthy eating.


We are not looking for quick fixes or a 12 week change-up.  I don’t think you came here looking for that type of diet, true or true?

Getting a ‘Lifestyle’

Rather, what you and I are interested in is a Lifestyle – a lifestyle promoting healthy nutrition, balance and optimal results.

Particularly, as this site is called Bodybuilding for Mass, I shall be focusing mostly on the type of nutrition plan which will lead to optimal gains in quality muscle mass.

If you have any questions on any of the material presented or have relevant information you wish to share, please enter a comment or contact me at

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Blessings Be,







Rich Far

Founder of ‘Bodybuilding for Mass’


Comments (16)

  1. Esther

    Great article, thank you again for writing.

    1. Rich Far

      Thank you Esther :-)

  2. Randy Wood

    Hi Rich. I used to be the best with my diet and exercise but not these days. I need to get back to it. I am diabetic and absolutely do not want to go back to medication. It really is a lifestyle. Thanks for the great info. Randy

    1. Rich Far

      Hi Randy,

      It’s great that you are wanting to get back to a Healthy lifestyle. Also very good that you do not want to become dependent on medication.
      You might also find this article helpful: Click Here.

      It would be great to hear from you again Randy – let me know how you are going with it. if you would like further information or if you think I can help – just ask.

      Best Wishes,

      – Rich

  3. Deidre Salcido

    Okay, if I follow your diet plan, will I look like that? LOL! What a lot of muscle mass…obviously, I am a woman but your website shows what is possible! You are a wealth of information and I could learn a lot from you. I have a poor diet so your ideas are most welcomed. I work nights and sleep days. When I finally get up in the afternoon, I begin my day with coffee…by the time I am ready to leave for work, I have depleted the whole pot of coffee…don’t laugh! It’s true! No food and off to work I go. Then, around midnight, I could go without eating or I might eat a little something…4-5 cheese and crackers or a candy bar. Throughout my shift, I also have 5 more cups of coffee. I come home and eat a handful of crackers or something. Go to bed Repeat the process the next day. On my day off, I do eat a small salad and something at a restaurant. Any ideas? I like fruits and vegetables but I seem to choose other food in place of eating the right things. I am a thin girl and never had a weight problem. I also don’t make time to workout. I am certain this can’t go on forever but I have been doing this for about 20 years or so. Thanks for sharing your website and I look forward to your response. No laughing!!!

    1. admin

      Hello Deidre,

      Wow, where do I start? :-)

      Hey, first off, thank you for visiting my site and taking the time to leave such a detailed comment.

      Being a woman – you will not develop muscle mass like that, unless you choose to start taking steroids or have a noticeable hormone imbalance i.e. way too much testosterone and not enough estrogen – so I think you are safe :-)

      You can certainly utilize any of the information and workouts I present on this site however, to develop a well toned and healthy physique.

      I used to work nights too – sometimes I still get the odd 10:30pm – 06:30am shift – and yeah…it can pretty much suck for encouraging you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

      But Deidre…the daily process you describe…girl, you must be wired on that much caffeine!
      Mind you, after so long your system probably recognizes one pot of coffee like mine would recognize one cup :-)

      I know change is hard, especially as you say after 20 years or so. However, you will not believe the remarkable difference in your whole being by making some quality healthy living choices.

      Maybe you could try having one day per week where you pre-pack containers of fruit salad (made fresh) as well as salad and other meals etc. Also, I highly recommend you increase your daily intake of water – even though you have not said how much water you drink I would think you could use an increase…most of us can.

      Try decreasing your coffee by substituting with Green Tea – hey, I know…you’re thinking uuugghh! right?

      Anyhow, I wish you all the best with your next 20 years or so of living a Healthy Lifestyle :-)

      Blessings Be Deidre,

      – Rich

  4. Debbie

    Hi Rich

    Yes, Nutrition Plan has a much nicer ring to it than diet.I am very much into intermittent fasting which is all well and good unless you couple it with a diet of junk food. A nutrition plan for a healthy lifestyle is definitely what most people need and not just some quick fix diet.

    Some great information you have shared with us here, though the majority is geared towards you gentlemen, I’m sure us ladies can still benefit from some of it.

    Best wishes


    1. admin

      Hi Debbie,

      Thank you for visiting my site and for your feedback.

      Intermittent fasting, when applied correctly, can be a great way to shed unwanted body-fat and has other health benefits as well.

      True, the material I present may appear to be male focused, however, can certainly be taken up and applied by females as I have stated in some articles. It depends upon the particular goals of the individual.

      Thanks again Debbie and I wish you well.

      – Rich

  5. robert

    Hi Rich. I like your website, its very well spaced out and full of informative, to the point information. You certainly know your stuff.

    1. admin

      Hi Robert,

      Thank you for visiting my site and for the positive feedback,

      I wish you well in health and life.

      Blessings Be,

      – Rich

  6. Christina

    I love this, And absolutely agree with McKing, nutrition plan is so much better then Diet! Great work Rich you are definitely properly educating many people! Cheers!

    1. admin

      Hi Christina,

      Thank you for the positive feedback – much appreciated.

      Live well,

      – Rich

  7. Neil

    Hi Rich

    I’ve never been interested in bodybuilding but having read some of your posts, it does sound really interesting. I think first though, I need to lose some pounds by running, change my diet and then maybe think about toning up a little (for the ladies) ;)

    Cheers for the info, Neil

    1. admin

      Hi Neil,

      Thank you for visiting my site and for the comment.

      Yes, bodybuilding is very interesting and extremely rewarding.
      Running and a healthy diet is definitely a move in the right direction. However, resistance training (lifting weights) is very effective for fat burning and creating a lean and well toned body.

      For that purpose, you would use a different approach to what I am mostly presenting on this site – as here I am focusing more on gaining muscle mass.

      I will post some content in the future dealing with ‘cutting down’ and adding definition, as when adding mass the ultimate purpose is to also look big and strong with good muscle definition. We don’t really desire to look big, smooth and a bit pudgy :-)

      If you would like any help with commencing a resistance training program to better suit your immediate requirements, I am more than happy to assist you – just let me know.

      Blessings Be,

      Rich Far

  8. McKing

    I like a nutrition plan! It does sounds better than a diet! ;)

    1. Rich Far (Post author)

      Thank you, yes ‘Diet’ just has too many connotations and stigmas attached.
      ‘Nutrition Plan’ sounds like something you could get excited about developing and making a part of your life.

      All the Best for Your Health,

      Rich Far


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