Best Mass Gaining Supplements; Get These to Get Huge


Thanks for visiting this post and I’m really hoping to assist you with some honest supplement advice.  Now I know you are here to find out what the best mass gaining supplements are, and that’s what the focus will be, however i’ll touch on a few important factors as well.

Let’s get into it…

Are Supplements Really Necessary?

My answer in short – Absolutely!

Before getting to the actual individual supplements, however, I would be failing you if I did not first discuss, in brief, the importance of proper nutrition, workout and rest.

After all, without due diligence to these three then you can take all the supplements in the world and all you’ll gain is a deficit in your bank account and a lot of expensive urine.


As I said, I’ll keep this brief.

A mass gaining Nutrition Plan is quite simple.

  • Eat Clean
  • Eat Often (every 2 hrs is good)
  • Consume quality protein, quality carbohydrates and quality fats
  • Eat proportionately for your goals in consideration to your body-weight


Again, training specifically for mass gain requires a specific workout model, including:  Power_Lift

  • Compound movements
  • Workout intensity
  • Focus and intention
  • Motivation and determination


Possibly one of the most overlooked aspects of building an impressive physique.

You must ensure you get adequate rest, not only the time period between workouts but the time spent in your bed…Sleeping :-)

It is extremely important to bless your body with at least 6 – 8 hours of quality sleep each night.  If not, you are only shorting your own mass building potential.

Okay, now that I’ve done the right thing by you by not skipping over those three fundamentals, let’s get down to the business of examining the best mass gaining supplements.

The Major Three:

  1. Protein Powder (Whey, Casein, Soy, Egg-white, etc)
  2. Creatine
  3. L-Glutamine

Protein Powder:

This is essential for getting in a good quality protein source, quickly and easily, and certainly helpful in reaching your daily requirements.  Most beneficial pre and post workout.  Protein_Shake

Whey Powder is the most widely used protein powder for bodybuilders and other athletes.  It comes in two notable forms; Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) and Whey Protein Isolate (WPI).

WPC releases much needed Amino Acids into your body and keeps you fuelled for around 90 minutes.  WPC is a great intermediate source of protein.

WPI is absorbed faster into your system and therefore is of preference for consuming directly after your workout.

The other important protein powder I will add here is Micellar Casein (MC).

Micellar Casein breaks down over a much longer period of time, approximately  3 – 4 hours.  Therefore, providing your body a constant source of bodybuilding aminos and keeping you in a prime anabolic state.


Without doubt, since the introduction of Creatine Monohydrate was made commercially available in 1993, it has become one of the most widely used and studied sports supplements.

First coming to prominence as a performance enhancing supplement after several Gold Medalists were reported to have supplemented with Creatine prior the 1992 Olympic Games, held in Barcelona.

Creatine use has been scientifically proven to enhance maximal power and energy output in athletes performing high-intensity anaerobic work.

Therefore, a Good Creatine Supplement is a primary consideration for your mass gaining goals.

Since its inception into the supplement world, different forms of Creatine have been created with differing benefits.  These include Creatin Ethyl Esther (CEE), Kre-Alkalyn, Creatine Hydrochloride, Creatine Magnesium Chelate, Creatine Malate along with some others.

The most substantiated studies still remain with Creatine Monohydrate.


Glutomine is the most abundant amino-acid found in human muscle tissue; therefore a deficiency in glutamine is to be avoided when training for hypertrophy (muscle mass).

Following intense exercise, the body compensates the depletion of Glutamine in the bloodstream by catabolising (breaking down) the Glutamine in the muscles.  Therefore, supplementing with L-Glutamine may well support your bodybuilding goals.

L-Glutamine may also be beneficial in strengthening the immune system.

Evidence also supports that supplementing with L-Glutamine may increase HGH levels through the stimulation of the pituitary gland.

Dietary sources of L-Glutamine include beef, chicken and fish, as well as dairy products, eggs and certain vegetables like spinach and cabbage.

Auxiliary Supplements:

Along with the 3 major supplements listed above, the most commonly used and beneficial supplements would include BCAA’s, Testosterone Booster, Multi-Vitamin.

BCAA’s (Branched Chain Amino-Acids):

BCAA’s have a metabolic effect within the muscles, which create an anabolic state.  Primarily, what this means is that BCAA’s create a tissue building effect resulting in added muscle mass – All we need to know, right? :-)

Testosterone Booster:

The importance of good testosterone levels within the body is without question when considering increased muscular growth and strength.


Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone and is an anabolic steroid, responsible for the proper development of the male sex organs as well as muscle growth and bodily development.

Unfortunately, as we age our natural testosterone levels decrease :-(

Therefore, especially if you are crowding 30+ years of age, the benefits of a Good Testosterone Boosting Product may definitely be worth your consideration.


Even if you follow a good and balanced clean eating nutrition plan, it would be very hard to provide your body with all the micro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals it requires on a daily basis.  Especially when hitting it with the added demands of a mass gaining workout.

The way our food is grown and treated in the chain process to our place of purchase, decreases many of the original properties held within.  Processed foods are stripped even more of their potential benefits, some next to none.

A good Multi-Vitamin is highly recommended to compensate for these deficiencies.

Of course there are many, many other supplements and variations of these.  However, the ones I have outlined in this article are absolutely the best mass gaining supplements.

You would probably want to consider a good pre-workout drink also; one that combines proven supplements to increase your focus, stamina, energy and pump.

My Personal Supplements:

Over the years I have certainly tried an array of supplements by just as many brands.

When I find a good thing, I generally stick to it for as long as my purpose requires it.

With that said, you will notice that my current supplement regime is mostly the one brand.  Quite simply, that’s because they Work!

Here’s what I currently use, and this is working very well for me:

  • IsoFuel (Protein Blend) – this is a Super good source for your protein needs as it contains a great blend of WPC, WPI and MC.

In addition to the above list, I also take a daily multi-vitamin, Mega-B (pre-workout), Flaxseed oil and I enjoy 30g of dark chocolate pre-workout and post-workout. I choose one that is 85% Cacao.  The benefits of dark chocolate 70% + are many, not the least of which are the antioxidants and flavonoids, anti-inflammatory properties, and the fact that cacao contains an abundance of the amino acid arginine which is a precursor to Nitric Oxide.

Well, I hope this article has helped you in your quest of discerning the best mass gaining supplements.

If you have any questions or relevant information you wish to share, please leave a comment or contact me directly


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Here’s to your mass gaining Success.

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Train Hard, Train Well, Train Safe –

Blessings Be,







Rich Far

Founder of Bodybuilding for Mass


This article ‘Best Mass Gaining Supplements’ is for informational purposes and in no way offers medical advise.  Before commencing any exercise routine or supplement program I recommend seeking the council of your GP or other Health Care Professional. 

Thank you for reading:

Best Mass Gaining Supplements; Get These to Get Huge

Comments (6)

  1. Nieve

    Hi, Rich. My little brother has small,skinny body. Should he consider to take mass gaining supplements? Because no matter how much food he ate, he still remain thin. Thanks!

    1. admin

      Hi Nieve,

      Thank you for visiting my site and reading this post.

      Your brother may well fall into the category of what we refer to as a ‘hard gainer’.
      This simply means that, as you say, he just can not seem to gain quality size no matter what he does.

      Taking mass gaining supplements is definitely one recommendation. However is not, by any means, the stand alone answer. there is much more to consider for the over-all solution including the type of foods consumed and the amount of daily calories, the Workout Routine along with other factors.

      I appreciate your comment Nieve and it inspires me to enlarge upon my answer by writing a full post addressing this issue.

      Let your brother know I am more than happy to help him.

      Blessings Be,

      – Rich

  2. Ben

    Thanks for all the great recommendations! I’ve tried a few whey protein powders before, but what about the chocolate protein shakes sold at most markets? Is the whey powder, “better” protein than the whey liquid?

    1. admin

      Hi Ben,

      Thank you for visiting my site and for posting your question.

      The protein shakes sold at markets are okay. Regarding your question of whether powder is better than liquid whey – there appear to be a lot of various opinions on this and the pros and cons are just as variable.

      I will say that the liquid may be good at times for convenience and delivering 42g of protein is great. However, I personally prefer to use Natural Whey Powder with no pre-added flavoring or other ‘additives’ that I may not be aware of.

      I always pack measured containers of whey powder to take with me along with whole food for travel etc.

      If I want flavoring I will simply add some raw cacao powder and a bit of honey, or natural peanut butter.

      Thanks again Ben – I wish you well.

      Blessings Be,

      – Rich

  3. Daniel Euergetes

    If any of the products mentioned above have dairy in them, I can’t have it. Are there any alternatives?

    1. admin

      Hi Daniel,

      Egg White protein powder is excellent – though usually somewhat more expensive.
      Pea protein powder and Soy protein powder are also great sources.
      The other products, apart from the Whey/Casein blend, do not contain dairy.

      If I can assist you further I will endeavor to do so.

      Enjoy life and make gains.

      Rich Far


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