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How to Improve on Bench Press; Five Lifts for Incredible Strength

Super Bench Pic

This is where we really get into some exciting stuff, for along with how to improve on bench press, the following workout and tips are geared for giving you continual and measurable gains in overall size and strength.

You can not have one without the other.

If you want to build mass, you must get strong.  The stronger you are the heavier you can lift and the more muscle mass you build.

Get strong to get big, period!   (more…)

Best Mass Gaining Supplements; Get These to Get Huge


Thanks for visiting this post and I’m really hoping to assist you with some honest supplement advice.  Now I know you are here to find out what the best mass gaining supplements are, and that’s what the focus will be, however i’ll touch on a few important factors as well.

Let’s get into it… (more…)